Welcome to Russell Parsons Builders & Designers

You live a life no one else lives.
Shouldn’t you have a home that no one else has?
You are an individual with you own views.
You know exactly what you value, what makes you unique, what inspires you.
You have spent years defining your style, your way.
You see things differently… as you should.
So when it comes to aesthetics, you have a definite idea of what you want, what is best, what is beautiful.
At Russell Parsons Builders and Designers we build your ideas literally.
It is the way we have been building for over thirty years, one home at a time, with endless options for customisation and limitless capabilities with design.
When you build with Russell Parsons Builders and Designers your home is not just like those down the block.
How could it be, it is built around your vision.